Setting our customers apart from their competition.

VISION Hardware makes your products look better, perform more efficiently and operate smoothly cycle after cycle. With over 8000 SKU’s and patents covering more than 40 designs, VISION has an impressive combination of quality components and competitive pricing that will improve any window or patio door in your line-up.

Solving Problems

When you partner with VISION you have access the design and engineering resources needed to build new products or improve existing ones through our Team VISION Program. [READ MORE]

Designing Smart.

Vision hardware has been redefining expectations throughout the window and door industry for over 25 years. Our approach to redesigning the most basic of parts to improve finished product performance, decrease process times, and increase profitability has yielded thousands of unique designs and leads to new and innovative products year after year.

Our Aluminum Hybrid product line utilizes zinc in areas that require strength and high cycles, combined with the cost-effective and insulating properties of aluminum. This saves on unit cost without sacrificing strength or performance. [READ MORE]

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Award Winning Innovation.

As the Crystal Achievement Award winner for Most Innovative Hardware Component, Vision Hardware’s Lock-Tilt Combo has been recognized as an excellent example of the true innovative spirit of our industry by adding value, simplifying production, and increasing performance.


Supply for your demand

All Vision parts make use of our current supply agreement program that puts 90 days of inventory at one of our 5 regional warehouses near you to allow JIT delivery or pick up. Signed supply agreements guarantee product availability based on your projections and lock pricing for 2 years! So, if you are frustrated with long lead times and fabrication lines that are stuck in the mud call us at (800) 220-4756 an ask to speak with a Vision Hardware Sales Representative in your area..

Leading the fenestration industry with over 60 registered patents and a product line with over 9000 window and door hardware parts and accessories, Vision Hardware is the supplier of choice for leading window and door manufacturers worldwide.

Vision Hardware has over 25 years of experience in product development, manufacturing, and quality control. A highly skilled team of in-house engineers will design or duplicate existing parts, and provide custom designs and solutions to meet the OEM needs of our customers.

Vision’s success has always been predicated on our ability to establish a win-win relationship with our customers based on mutual trust and teamwork. [ Contact a Sales Representative Today ]