Team Vision

VISION? What's Yours?
Window fabricators can now access the design and engineering resources needed to build new products or improve existing ones.
Vision Hardware’s new initiative teams up with window and door manufacturers to help create better products for the consumer through their new TEAM VISION program.
Call (800) 220-4756 today to set up a meeting with one of our product consultants and get ready to tap into our vast engineering & design knowledge base.
Partner with Vision Hardware to apply our 4 step design criteria to your program:

  1. Every component must be easy to apply on the line with minimal instruction in any language. It has to be as fast or faster to implement than the existing versions.
  2. Wherever possible increased performance must be considered
  3. Components must be sales and marketing friendly. Parts must be cosmetically appealing and have a positive story to help sell, close or retain customers.
  4. A component cannot cost any more than the existing version unless the fabricator can experience increased margins to offset the difference.