Lock-Tilt Combo

The Vision Lock & Tilt Combo works with almost any lock shape and design allowing you to maintain the unique look of your window.

Lock-Tilt Combo for wood or vinyl windows

The Lock and Tilt Combo can be used in extruded vinyl windows with or without reinforcement, or in wood and cellular sash designs. The wood version Lock and Tilt Combo is designed to transfer the load from the zinc bolt of the tilt latch across the reinforcement rail to the opposite tilt latch and to the jamb liner. The system installs quickly with minimal fabrication.

WOCD Lock-Tilt Combo: The Ultimate

The WOCD Lock-Tilt Combo is a single-window hardware component that performs 4 functions: 4-point locking, sash tilt, and now a WOCD compliant vent stop thus eliminating the need for adding a separate vent stop or other WOCD components on the window.

In addition, as WOCD compliance becomes more widely accepted, manufacturers can offer this safety feature without adding additional hardware or extending the processing time for fabrication. Because the WOCD functionality is hidden, manufacturers are able to maintain the aesthetics of their current window.

The finished window yields a 4-point multi-locking system, dual tilting sashes, a secure venting feature, and dual WOCDs as a standard, but only the locks are visible. All the other features are internalized and work from the lock itself. Once the fabrication and material cost of tilt latches, vent stops, and WOCDs are backed out the system is a wash. Think of the marketing sizzle and the retail opportunity.

Lock-Tilt Combo for Impact windows

Most locks for impact windows are surface mounted, consist of zinc, and are bulky. To say the least, the finished product is not as cosmetically appealing as a standard residential window would appear. Vision Hardware has utilized their expertise in both injection molding and die casting to yield an impact hardware system where the tilt latches are internalized and work from the lock housings. This system can use a variety of surface or recessed lock housing designs enabling fabricators to maintain their unique identity while providing an attractive finished impact window. The Impact Lock-Tilt Combo is custom configured to meet stringent impact window codes. Pistons in the side rails are longer and are not tapered as in the standard version. Additionally, when engaged, the cylindrical piston slides into a beveled recess in the jamb reinforced with a fixed metal retainer clip. The end result is a 4-point locking system, two points at the meeting rail and two at the jamb that acts as a tensioned net to absorb impact and transfer the load to the substructure.

Single Lock-Tilt Combo

Is one better than two? The answer is yes if you prefer. Many wood window manufacturers prefer to use just one lock and keeper for a more traditional-looking sash on their high-end windows. If you are a vinyl window fabricator, a common goal has always been to create a window having all of the benefits of vinyl but achieves the look of a wood window. Vision s answer to this is a design that possesses all of the features of the original design but utilizes a single lock. The Single Lock-Tilt Combo only requires one center lock to operate but offers another level of security with the addition of two locking points on either end of the operating sash. So now you can open and tilt a window with one hand tied behind your back!

Crystal Achievement Award 2017 Crystal Achievement Award for Most Innovative Window Component

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The only lock-tilt system ever to be tested by a certified lab.

Our engineers took the 4th Generation Lock-Tilt-Combo to Architectural Testing Labs in Pennsylvania and ran a series of cycling and stress tests.


Engaging the lock-tilt mechanism for 4000 Cycles.

Handles the pressure

Applying 75lbs. of upward pressure to the lower sash locked into WOCD Position for 100 Cycles.

Virtually Indestructible

Maximum upward pressure to the lower sash locked into WOCD Position. 200 lbs. Wow!