The Evolution Of Window Manufacturing

Build a Good, Better, Best and Impact window system on the same line with the same processing.

Over 8 months of R&D in 2017-2018 and leveraging advances in the award-winning Lock-Tilt Combo system design, Vision Hardware has developed a new system that allows manufacturers to use the same processing to fabricate 4 different variations of lock tilt functionality on a single line.

GOOD: Actually, very good because it is better than most other “Good” window hardware. This is because the processing maintains the integrity of the welded sash corner. Combine that with Vision’s submarine style tilt latch, helps the window achieve a DP-50 rating.

BETTER: Uses the same processing and also utilizes the award-winning first generation lock tilt combo, an all-in-one lock, and tilt system.

BEST: Uses the third generation Lock-Tilt Combo all-in-one lock tilt system with Integral Vent Stop, and WOCD child safety compliance.

IMPACT: Meets stringent impact window codes with 4-point multi-point locking.

The only lock-tilt system ever tested by a certified lab.

We took the 4th Generation Lock-Tilt-Combo to Architectural Testing Labs in Pennsylvania. The lock was put though a series of cycling and stress tests and passed with flying colors! In fact, the results were so impressive, it greatly exceeded industry standards.