WOCD Tilt Latch

The genius of the tilt latch is that it works in existing processing and costs no more than your current latch. - A “No-brainer“

Another Brilliant Innovation.

The New Vision Hardware WOCD tilt latch incorporates the WOCD feature into a routed or drop in tilt latch system effectively making any window WOCD compliant.

When used, every window is prepped to be WOCD compliant. When the WOCD feature is required a small actuator block is added in the jamb to complete the system. Since on many occasions, the WOCD requirement is missed this system easily is applied in the field or during production. The actuator block fits easily into the jamb with constant force balance systems and the cost is minimal. In addition to working in any single or double-hung window, the system also incorporates a vent stop feature.

So, if it doesn’t cost any more, installs easily in the factory or field, gives you a vent stop on window designs where a vent stop won’t fit, looks good and makes every window WOCD ready why wouldn’t everyone use it?

Put the WOCD Tilt-Latch to work on your line.

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If there is such a thing as a “no-brainer” in window manufacturing, then the WOCD Tilt-Latch from Vision must be it. Click here or call (800) 220-4756 and ask for your local Vision Sales representative.