Vision Dual Auto-Lock WOCD Venting Tilt-Latch System

Build windows faster, with more features, for less money.

A Single Window Component That Does It All!
Dual Auto-locks, Dual WOCD, and Venting.

Save Time and Money

Reduce process time and labor associated with standard lock and keeper systems because windows equipped with the Vision Auto-lock Tilt-Latch System do not require standard locks and keepers.
The sash locking mechanism is built into the tilt latch and concealed in the jamb. In fact, so is the WOCD and venting functionality! The Auto-Lock-Tilt-Latch System can be used in vinyl, composite, aluminum, or wood windows all without having to change your existing fabrication!

Compatible with block and tackle or constant force balance systems, the Auto-Lock-Tilt-Latch System installs quickly and easily whether you are using a routed, top mount, or submarine-style tilt latch. Color-matched to your vinyl lineal, this uniquely simple design will give your customer a clean, very sleek looking window.

See it in action

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Problem Solved

Adding venting and WOCD to Single-Hung windows normally presents some challenges because the usable surface area of the top fixed lite is limited. The Auto-Lock WOCD Venting Tilt-Latch System solves this problem by concealing the venting, locking and WOCD functionality in the tilt-latch an inside the jamb.